Monday, March 10, 2008

radiant beauty

Misty and I are talking shop over plate of sliced meats at the Butcher Shop.

She has just an hour to kill before she heads next door to attend the cocktail demonstration David Wondrich and John Gertsen are giving next door at Stir. We've worked our way thru glass #1.5 of wine and are debating whether there's time to order any percentage more when our friend K., Misty's date for the evening walks in...

...and right past us to say hello to David and John as they chat over a plate of offal at a table a few feet away.

"Hmm...?" Misty says. "Guess he didn't see us."
"Guess not," I shrug. The Butcher Shop is small and he'll see us eventually; we return to our gossip and jamon.

When K. finally comes over to say hello, he apologizes wholeheartedly: "Ladies, I didn't see you when I walked in! It's just that John is glowing so radiantly this evening! His radiant light was the only thing I saw when I walked in the door!" We turn to John, who is deeply engrossed in his conversation with Mr. Wondrich. "Perhaps it's his vest?" K. offers.

We chat for a moment before K. excuses himself: "These gentleman bought me this glass of wine, ladies, so I suppose I should go and join them. Regrettably; John may be glowing exceptionally this evening, but you ladies are of greater substance."

We giggle as he walks away, and I can't help but wonder: when was the last time a man listed my substantial nature as the most compelling reason to stay and chat? Usually it's, "You girls look lovely this evening, as ever" or "I hate to leave such pretty ladies, but I must go join these fellows", regardless of how lovely or unlovely I may actually look on a given day. Having substance listed as the reason a friend regrets to leave my table? Well, it took me a little by surprise.

But I found it rather refreshing.

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