Tuesday, March 18, 2008

highlights tomorrow...

I'm getting my roots done tomorrow & I suspect it will be the highlight of my week. I always feel better after getting lightened. It lightens my spirits, from the roots of my hair down.

It's not just the roots that Jason deals with, though. He makes all of my hair look better, updated. He does something to the already blonde parts to remove the brassiness that somehow creeps in between lightenings. He conditions it to make the rough, split end parts soft & touchable & feel less like hay. He makes everything better, from roots, to ends, to soul.

I will never again underestimate the importance of good hair, for me, anyway. If this project has taught me nothing else it's taught me that when my hair looks good, the rest of me feels good, whether it's platinum, dark brown, or my natural hue somewhere in between.

Photos to follow...should we go lighter again?

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