Friday, March 07, 2008

the pink spot

While curling my hair today I noticed what appears to be a faint swath of pink the stretches in a two-inch band across my hair.

Can you see it? Probably not, as this crappy, low-res image was taken with my camera phone.

I'm not sure if this "pink patch" is being impressed upon my hair by my curling iron (which has this weird pink blotch on it, a spritz of hairspray gone terribly awry), or if it's the natural hue of my horribly over-processed hair peeking out from beneath layers of corrective color.

When Jason made me blonde again eight months ago, there was this very precarious period between process 1 and process 2 where my hair was three different colors: albino white at the roots, orange-y blonde at the bottom, with a two inch swath stretching around the crown of my head that was salmon pink. Literally the color of a nice piece of wild Alaskan salmon.

Jason then processed the hair one more time, restoring the overall hue to a nice, normal looking ash blonde. I walked out of the salon and only people who witnessed the pink phase were any wiser. But I've wondered about that pink spot ever since. How did it get there? Why exactly did it appear? What did Jason do to make it go away?

And now, has it somehow been resurrected?

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