Friday, March 21, 2008

Enough already

The Mathematician has been away on business in Israel for the past eight days.

When he first left I knew I'd miss him but I thought it might be kind of nice to be on my own for such a time. I envisioned long evenings of relaxation, soul searching, and spending time re-acquainting myself with me. I thought I'd be journaling, working on various writing projects, and generally re-setting at home by my lonesome until he returned from the Middle East.

Instead, I have spent almost every evening since he left out with friends, drinking.

Last Saturday was a ridiculous, accidentally drunken affair of which I am still embarrassed which shall not be named here on the INternet. Co-horts, I love you, you know who you are. What a night!

Sunday was spent physically ill and recovering.

Monday I had a (drinking) client meeting with one of the aforementioned co-horts from Saturday, followed by a LUPEC caucus at Toro. I left on the sober side of drunk...but still not sober.

Tuesday had a meeting with Misty re: our new cocktail book project (over a bottle of wine), followed by dinner with Shanna (& a bottle of wine.)

Wednesday I worked at Toro and passed on my shift drink, thank you very much.

Thursday I had dinner with Oscar -- we've never actually hung out together outside of work/yoga. Why not try Thursday? The wait for a table was long at Eastern Standard...a Pegu Club, 3 glasses of Gamay, and a glass of Sauternes later, how do you think I felt?

And this evening, Friday, was spent sipping several glasses of wine with my best girlfriend, first Chez Lui, then at No. 9 Park. We had champagne, Ornellia, Bourgogne, and winded down with the gift of a delicious glass of dessert wine, reminiscent of Thursday's Sauternes.

My week has been busy and productive, and in all very very drunk, begging the question:

Am I officially a lush?

I've still managed to do yoga every day with a 90 minute hot yoga class twice this week. Still, I'm certain I'm retaining water, feeling very fat at the moment, and generally I don't think my liver can handle much more of this.

The Mathematician needs to come home soon...if for no other reason than to save me from my fabulous, social self.


Me said...

Where do you take your hot yoga Kitty?

Kitty said...

I go to Sadhana & I love it! All three of their teachers are wonderful. It's not crazy hot in there -- I think the temp is usually around 90 degrees? But hot enough for me!

Roxy said...

I'd only call you a lush if your drinking interfered with yoga.

I'm thinking of getting into yoga myself, so thanks for the last comment mentioning a place.