Monday, November 03, 2008

"ridiculously perky"

Last night one of my tables referred to me as "ridiculously perky" behind my back to one of my managers. In a disparaging, condescending sort of way.

Thing is, I was trying to be super friendly to this table because they appeared to be a miserable couple having a miserable time not enjoying each other's miserable company. I mean, I can show you curt/rude/or catty if that's what you're looking for in a waitress. Just ask my co-workers. In fact, I should have. Instead I wasted my time/energy trying to romance two people who just wanted to be left alone to their own lame devices.

I knew there was something about them that I didn't like. Guess it was the fact that they didn't like me.


laura said...

We should all pray for that poor couple; imagine putting up with a perky waitress!!Oh the suffering!Once, when I was a banquet manager at a country club(worst job in the world), one of my more arrogant members complained about my very best waitress because, get this, she was able to take a complete order (including meat temps and sides) from a 12 top without writing down one thing and she never made a mistake! His complaint? Well, in addition to 'showing off' she could have made a mistake??!!

~K~ said...

People that are perpetually miserable think everybody should be miserable. They simply do not understand the concept of being happy. When a person who is miserable comes in contact with a positive person it will usually irritate them

Don't ever let it change you, it's better to be upbeat and cheerful than to see darkness everyday

Kitty said...

Laura, that's now officially one of my FAVORITE waitress stories, thanks for sharing. And I am officially in awe of that amazing waitress-bot who was at the center of it. Sounds like she should be on a card counting team or something! Thanks for stopping by!

~k~, Earlier tonight I found myself wondering if I was being "too perky" with my tables. Isn't that terrible? Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Kirk said...

I know I am just a guy but have worked in bars and resturants and know waitstaff and bartenders that just try too hard but they are like that in life too. I do like people who do try to make an evening better for a guest no matter how thier shift is going!Keep up the good work and good writing Kirk

Kirk said...

While I am just a guy, I have worked in service jobs and have known waitstaff and bartenders that just tryed too hard all the time. One can tell when someone is being extra nice because they think it is needed...even if they are having a lousy shift themselves. Keep up the good work and good writing Kirk

~K~ said...

I can't see anyone being too perky unless they are intentionally trying to irk people. What's wrong with being happy and upbeat? Honestly if more people took that initiative the world would be a much more tolerable place.

On a side note thank you. I happen to see an article on MSN about this blog and it struck me because I live just North of Boston (Now in S NH) so I checked it out. I found your stories quite amusing and informative. It was refreshing to see something a little different from the everyday mundane stuff ... keep it up ..

Have a great weekend

Lisa Johnson said...

kitty - Thanks for dropping by my blog! This reminds me of a couple that I met a few years ago. I was volunteering for John Kerry and was up in NH going door to door. I was paired with an older couple who treated me to lunch.

We had the sweetest waitress. She was really friendly and genuine I thought. People say that I'm too pie in the sky, but whatever, I thought she was really nice. After the waitress left the table, this couple started complaining to each other about how the waitress was TOO friendly and they thought she was fake.

I told them that I thought that she was really nice and being friendly was a kind of good trait in a waitress. They pretty much ignored me. *sigh* I guess some people will just never be happy.