Thursday, November 06, 2008


I am standing behind the bread table. Some industry friends introduce me to their friend, who it turns out is also a an artist.

GUY: "So, you're a writer, really? Who is your favorite playwright?"

ME: "Playwright.....? Ummm..."

GUY: "Okay, who do you read?"

ME: "Who do I read? Hmm..."

The reality is, working two jobs and using what little time I have in between to write and pursue a myriad of unpaid passion projects means that I don't really read books anymore. Most of what I read is Jezebel, Twitter, and Facebook.

It makes me sad.


east side girl said...

If you get the time, pick up "No One Belongs Here More Than You" by Miranda July. Short stories. It's great.


Kitty said...

Thank you! Now I have something to say to these pushy literary types. Phhft. :)


Anonymous said...

Does the Preview Channel no longer count towards being well read?

Anonymous said...

'The Average American Male' great short read IMO =))

Kitty said...

Many thanks for the tip, 1badsr.

dubyabejay, I can't even get the Preview Channel on my list!