Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthday Dinner: The Epilogue

So, I repeated Step #11 (a) one and a half more times, meaning that I was actually a little tipsy by the time the Mathematician came home. I didn't think I was , of course. It's perfectly normal to dance around your house while listening to Sweet Talkin' Woman by ELO at max volume on your studio quality stereo sound system, right?

We finally ate dinner at 9:30 and I still feel way too full today. But it was fun. The sauce was amazing. In Italy they take the meats out & slice them, then serve the pasta + sauce as a primi and the meats on their own as secondi. Since the Mathematician asked for meat sauce, I opted for the cookbook's second suggestion: take the meats out, shred them, add them back to the sauce and enjoy. The end result was like if pot roast and roasted pork shoulder and tomato sauce had a baby.

And YES, the carrot cupcakes were awesome! I took a bunch of them to Toro for our monthly staff meeting, and someone ate the rest while I was out for the day. Below: a picture of all that remains.

Since you asked, MamaKrista, I'll be posting the recipe tomorrow.

Now I'm running out the door to see Smashing Pumpkins.

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Anonymous said...

ooh, you went to the sp concert? how was it? definitely agree with you re keeping the meat in the sauce instead of taking it out.