Friday, May 23, 2008

you're so full of yourself

Today someone left a comment on this blog, accusing me of being "full of myself."

I of course deleted it instantly and sent a note to the principals at the law firm associated with that commenter's IP address alerting them that one of their staff had been offensively spamming me, imploring them to search their employee computers and to put a stop to said spamming post haste. Were they aware that a member of their staff was harassing me via web when they should be upholding "the law"?

No I didn't. But I should have. Anyway...

I eschew rude comments from the blog-o-sphere for the most part, usually, but this particular accusation had me concerned today.

"Full of myself? Really?" I thought. I don't think of myself as full of myself -- I think of myself as self-effacing, humble, and obsequioues, often to a doormat-like fault. Have I somehow since I began writing this blog become a different person?

I decided to turn to the only person I know/have in my life who can really anyswer questions of perspective like this; the only person who, without fail, will never inflate my ego; the one person I can count on to be brutally honest to me in all facets of my life:

My twin brother. He's kind of mean in this respect, but that's because he always speaks truth.

"Am I full of myself???" I texted him, hours ago.

Still no response. Perhaps his neurosurgery rotation is keeping him busy.


Anonymous said...

Really? Full of yourself? Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting you knows that is absurd. I really hope you aren't losing any sort of sleep about whoever that crazy person was and his/her silly comment. Please continue...

Me said...

I love getting "flame" comments. The nasty "flame" comments are totally amusing.

I usually don't publish them to my blog as well.

And no, you're not "full of yourself."