Sunday, May 04, 2008

sociopath II

Remember this post of last week? Well, I totally waited on one this evening. Our social worker/host was kind enough to give me a head's up.

"Sociopath at the door, going in your section: get ready."*

"Oh, really!?!?" I gasped. How exciting! A real live sociopath walking amongst us, in my very section no less. Would my sociopath order the corn? What would my sociopath drink? Wine, whiskey? What would he be like? I waited with baited breath for the truth to unfolded in our interaction.

In the end, he wasn't very exciting, and the dinner interaction from my side of the table was nothing to write home about. The Sociopath seemed like your run of the mill slightly weird & awkward guy making semi-successful attempts at charm and charisma while on a date with a pretty blonde woman twice as cute as him. I had my hands far more full with the wasted guy at table 46 who was pouring cava in his own lap...on purpose. The Sociopath seemed a little weird and controlling in our interaction for sure, but I didn't realize how bizarre he actually was until I picked up his signed charge slip after he left. It read:

Thanks so much
I love you.

Scrawled in perfect, bubbly script in baby blue ink. A crude smiley face hovered in the blank area above the subtotal line. A paltry 9% sum languished in the tip line.

"Yech! T, look, this is SO weird," I said, shoving the charge slip at our social worker/host to get his assessment.

"Obviously he didn't love you that much," said T when I showed him the bill. "See, I told you he was crazy."

Never a dull moment.

*T clarified for me that he couldn't definitely diagnose if this dude as a sociopath without a proper interview, etc, and more information about his personality. However, we can say from their interaction that the Sociopath exhibited tell-tale sociopathic traits. And I can confirm, from my years of experiencing waiting of weirdos, he was decidedly wacky-nuts.

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