Monday, May 19, 2008

graduation day

Sunday was graduation day for my best friend (and half the student population of the city of Boston.) It got me thinking that if all the irons I currently have in the fire grow cold, I might decide to go back to school. The Baby Boomer generation used higher education as a means of avoiding the draft -- why not employ it in a similar fashion to avoid the current economic slump?

I could take out lots and lots of loans, attend school someplace impossibly exclusive, and study something totally self-indulgent with no practical application to my day-to-day civilian life. Then, I'd start working terms like "dominant paradigm", "social construction of [INSERT NOUN HERE]" and "deconstruct" into as many conversations as possible. I would spent lots of time pondering intersections of race, class, and gender and how they serve to stratify us all the time, in all facets of our existence.

I would pop out X number of years later UBER-educated and a bit pretentious with virtually no marketable skills.

Oh wait, a minute -- been there, done that. It was called "undergrad."

(xoxo to all the fellow Sarah Lawrence grads who TOTALLY get what I'm saying...)

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