Sunday, May 11, 2008

isn't it humanizing for us all?

"Kitty, Table 43 says you are very famous. They want to speak to you, to shake your hand if you can take the time," Cynthia tells me as I'm ringing in an order.

"What? Cinthyia, what are you talking about?"

"They said you are in a magazine and your blog is famous and is known everywhere, maybe all over the world."

"Oh, I get it. You're totally teasing me. Are you teasing me?" I say.

"No, no I am not! How would I know to tease you about this, I didn't read. Go! Go say hello. He comes in all the time and he's so nice! Say hello!"

So I do, and Table 43 is nice. Turns out he is friends with one of the three people who were seated at this table several nights ago. We chat for a moment and he is so sweet, friendly, and full of kind words about my blog that it warms the cockles of my bitter waitress heart. As I walk away from the table to leave them in peace, I can't help but think: How humanizing. Every night I create these vignettes of experience and throw them like messages in a bottle out into the cyber-ether. I can hardly believe when someone finds them and actually reads them. And filling in the blanks with a face to face meeting? How truly lovely.

He didn't have any further answers for me as to who "the Boss" is. But that's okay. I rather like that the mystery lives on...

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