Saturday, July 05, 2008


Don't be afraid to check it out, despite the mediocre critical reviews. The Mathematician and I did today and we both enjoyed it a lot. Then again, I love most things that the former Fresh Prince does.

We watched it right before I had to go to work at Toro this evening. All night long I kept wishing for Hancock to come help me:

"Hancock, I can't get this screw-top bottle of wine open because I'm a weekling, help!" or "Hancock, I can't push these two communal tables together because they're really heavy. Help!" or
"Hancock, a grown man at my table is pouting and about to throw a tantrum because we ran out of several items tonight since there were no orders yesterday because of the stupid holiday. Help!"

I wished for the good Hancock who says "good job" a lot, not the drunk, messy one.

I see enough of those people in my line of work as it is.


twg said...

I'm now blaming you for the (sort of) sex dream I had about Will Smith last night. :)

Kitty said...

So funny! I've always had a little crush on the Fresh Prince, too...