Tuesday, July 01, 2008

to "anonymous" who keeps accusing me of being a narcissist

1. I find it interesting that you angrily accused ME of reducing my relationship with Dan to mundane & petty experience (hair-washing) when the event held in his memory at T647 included a live male auction and mass quantities of binge drinking. And you took issue with MY posts in his memoriam because you found them diminutive? Really?

2. I will never publish your comments, so stop coming by here and ruining my night by leaving them. I suspect the same person keeps doing this. I also suspect you are white, male, and affluent. Only a person coming from a place of extreme privilege could reduce my blogland quest to make sense of my experience as a modern woman tangled in the complex web of sexism, beauty myths, and all manner of intersections of race, class, and gender to simple "narcissism." You are the kind of trawly creep who makes the Internet bad. I wish only that you would sack up enough to leave a trackback website so I could publicly skewer you on it, as you so deserve. For now, I will settle for casting a hex on you.

3. Shame on you for taking a big, verbal shit right on my head as I mourn the death of a friend who was brutally murdered. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Apologies to my loyal readers, but that had to be said. Scheduled programming will now resume.

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thesouthender said...

Umm, I thought the point of having a blog was to be able to say whatever you wanted....There will always be naysayers who will be offended by the mere presence of your blog and/or your opinion. To which I reply: Then don't read my blog or start your own.

I get a million comments on my blog telling me that I should just shut up and be happy that crime is down in the South End or that if I don't like it I should move (like I'm living in a tent and could just up and leave one morning).

Then there are the ones who lack the sense-of-humor-or-creativity gene who take everything literally, i.e. "Are there really millions of strollers in the South End? I only counted 57 last Tuesday...."

Just stick with what you're doing - you're a very good writer.

Alternatively, you can come work at "L'arriviste" on your off nights and make a little spending money. The best part of being a server at "L'arriviste" is that the customers are forced to pick up their own orders at the kitchen window (the conjoined- sibling-lesbian chefs say they can be more creatve that way).