Monday, July 07, 2008


We employ a large number of Colombians in all positions at Toro: servers, bar backs, back waiters, line cooks, dishwashers. Most of them happen to be from the same town in Colombia and share the same last name (Gomez.) All of these employees are awesome and I'd say that employing a large percentage of the Gomez family at Toro works in our favor.

Until the family has a big party, like a Quinceanera. Not a single Gomez could be found at Toro this Sunday. We were left with only one back waiter, T, who is awesome but usually works as a host and has never before worked in a restaurant. We thus spent the better part of the evening this close to going down in flames.

I invite those on the other side of the immigration debate to come to Toro on such a evening. When their food takes forever, they can't get a drink to save their lives, their water glasses have been empty for hours, and they can't find their waitress to ask her for some salt because she is elbow deep in a dirty-dish filled bus bucket in the kitchen, I would then like them to weigh in with their thoughts on immigration.

I'm just saying. One night sans la familia Gomez and we were screwed.

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