Sunday, July 13, 2008

size queen

In an effort to try a new look with my latest hairdo, I pinned it back a little bit today, hoping to emulate a more casual version of Betty Draper's 'do on Mad Men.

Halfway thru the night, I felt insecure about how it looked, so asked T, our host, for his opinion.

ME: Does my hair look cute like this? Or just kinda stupid?

T: I don't like it like that.

ME: You like it better big and poufy, don't you.

T: Yup. I'm a size queen, I like it big.

ME: I'm from Jersey. Me too.


Anonymous said...

So, you're just as obsessed with this show as I am! I can't get enough! I've been WAITING for them to announce the next season!

GreenLighter said...

Haha written down I sound kinda nasty.... I hope it didn't come across to you that i didn't think you looked nice, because in fact I have never thought that.

With Love for all things big,