Monday, June 23, 2008

rude bike guy

Dear Bike Guy on Comm Ave. who scared the crap out of me tonight by trying to give me an "UP TOP" hi-five while I was trying to hail a cab:

I was feeling extremely nauseated when you decided to "freak me out" with your little "biker-guy antics." I very nearly vomited all over you. I know bike-types claim a bad-ass aversion to drivers and car-types, but nauseated pedestrians? Really? I hope you get doored.

I also recommend getting a hair cut: the curly white boy 'fro isn't doing you any favors.

Under-the-weather Blonde


LeBlanc said...

Picturing the high-five amuses me. The picture of you hurling on him while high-fiving would have been much better.

Anonymous said...

Alternately, you could have clotheslined him with that outstretched arm ...:)