Sunday, June 01, 2008

donde esta el mathematician?

He's in Portland. I am here, seule. Apparently in his absence my "thing" is to go out on the town with Coco and spend the evening lamenting the fact that our BF's are away.

Not really, actually. We're out 'til all hours. I mean look at us, rolling into Eastern Standard like we own the place at 1:40 a.m. Girl time, really. Both of us love the fact that we don't have anywhere else to be. Do we want last call? Hell Yes.

I thought we were so wild, but all we seem to be talking about 'til 2 am + is our SIG OTHERs. How we love you both, how we miss you both, etc, etc.

Is that what happens when you get older?

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Noemie said...

hey i just thought you'd like to know mathematician in spanish is matematico =)