Sunday, June 29, 2008

calling card

A guest left me his phone number tonight. At least I think that's what happened. Again, on the theme of me not getting what people want at all, here's the scenario:

Attractive dark haired guy comes in for dinner with three hot girls, 2 blondes who I think are twins and 1 brunette. I have a lovely rapport with the table but end up ignoring them mostly when we get slammed 20 minutes after they come in.

The Dude is the kind of guy who cracks a joke every time I come to the table; I can already picture him as an old man. I laugh; I am obligated to. I don't just feel obligated to laugh because I am their waitress, but moreover because I'm a nice person. This is a role I often play in my life. Besides, everyone likes to feel funny, a part of something, as though they get the inside joke. So what harm can an innocuous giggle do?

The table finishes up, settles up, and leaves. When I close out their check, I find that the Dude has left his business card behind. Apparently by day he is a property manager. I'm confused. Maybe he wants me to rent me a place? I think. Or...oh...

Maybe he wants to manage
my property.

I don't know if I should feel flattered or pathetic. I'm happy and in love with the Mathematician, but it's still nice to feel like a hot ticket every once in a while. No harm in that, right? On the other hand, this attractive guy is out on the town with three hot girls -- why would he ever be hitting on me? Does he think I'm desperate or would be an easy lay or something because I'm just some dumb waitress? Or maybe it was because I laughed at his jokes? Moreover, was our rapport even passably flirting? I really thought we were just talking here. Did something I said make him think I was into him?

Regardless, for fun, I imagine what would happen if this was another life and I was single and I actually called the Dude. I bet he'd be surprised. I imagine what a date with him would be like, the lame jokes that I'd have to laugh at, the posturing, the "wow, that's so smart/funny/interesting" that would naturally ensue.

And suddenly I understand why he's single. And feel so happy to be in my own life, not this potential alternate universe, on a date with well-meaning hokey joke Dude.

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