Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Norma Jean!

My favorite blonde would have celebrated her 82nd birthday yesterday and I completely missed it because I was too busy drinking pink wine 'til all hours of the morning at Eastern Standard.

Incidentally, the reason I've been drinking pink wine is because I'm working on a story about it for the Second Glass. But that's just me turning a recent obsession into a productive tax-time write off. I've loved rose since I realized that it's different from blush wine, but for some reason since the weather turned warm this year I've been obsessed.

And every time I reach for a glass of the stuff I imagine that I'm living in a world where the color scheme of this video clip is the backdrop. A pink set. A pink dress. I care less about the 20 or so men in the background sporting tuxedos. I am far more pleased by the idea of feeling as though you are hanging out inside a big pink cupcake.

I'll bake some in memoriam and honor for you tomorrow, Norma Jean. Happy Birthday!

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