Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spanish lessons at Toro: muneca

One of the Columbian backwaiters at Toro has no idea what my name is. Instead of calling me Kitty, she calls me "muneca." It's cool -- she's new to this country and has lots of other vocabulary to learn. I am not offended that she has nicknamed me. However, I'm not really sure what that word means. Tonight, I decided to get to the bottom of things by asking Cinthya, who is Mexican but speaks English fluently.

ME: Hey, Cinthyia! Do you have any idea why Monica calls me "muneca"? I thought that word meant "doll." Is that like a baby doll? I don't get it.

CINDY: It does. Actually, it means doll...but something different?

ME: Oh, really?

CINDY: Yes, it Barbie. Like you are some sort of Spanish, no, Latin Barbie or something.

ME: Seriously? I thought all this time they were saying I was baby-ish. Huh.

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