Monday, February 04, 2008

keeping my hopes up...

So, the Pats lost last night, despite my predictions yesterday. I wonder if I cursed them?

Instead of getting bogged down in the potential "meaning" of that, I am focusing on the positive:

My book proposal went out to publishers today!
I suggest we all take this moment to pour ourselves a cocktail and raise a glass! Champagne as the base, of course. Why not try this recipe for a Marilyn Monroe which I came across in a fabulous little book my boss wrote a few years back?

Marilyn Monroe

4 oz Champagne
1 oz apple brandy (Applejack)
1 tsp grenadine
2 maraschino cherries

Combine ingredients in a glass & stir. Serve with two cherries on a stick.

Cin-cin and wish me luck!

From The Daily Cocktail by Dalyn A. Miller and Larry Donovan. Buy the book here.

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twg said...

Best of luck to you!