Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I thought I lost you

I took the morning off today so I could do some house-y errands and go to yoga at my favorite studio with one of my new favorite teachers (Emily.)

I knew it would be a light work day, with more to do in the afternoon than the morning, so I decided to take advantage of the part-time nature of my job and my boss' total willingness to be flexible about scheduling so long as my work always gets done.

So...I wake up on the late side. It feels delicious, since we've worked lots of late nights lately.
I put on my yoga outfit.
I go to my class.
It is challenging -- we work mostly on balance, something that has escaped me as of late.
Class runs over, late, and by the time I turn my cell phone on I have three new texts and two new messages. The texts say things like:

"Coming in today?" from my boss.
"Be in late...where are you?" also from my boss.
"Getting worried, why aren't you answering your phone?" my boss, again.

The voicemails say things like:

"Kitty, wondering where you are. It's so not like you to be late. Your boss said you were supposed to be in at nine. Call us when you can, we're worried you're dead in a ditch somewhere," from Alyss.

Oh shit, I think. Did I forget to tell him? I mentally review my actions of last night, go over our phone conversation in my head. No, he knew.

I click thru to another voice message, from my stylist Jason:

"Kitty, we're worried, call immediately," CLICK.

I call my boss to tell him where I was, and the minute he hears my voice he remembers our agreement. "Oops," he says, "okay, see you in an hour."

It's so funny. I had my phone off for a total of two hours. And all of that time, my boss and some of my best loved ones thought I was dead.

Guess I know where my people are when I need them.

And that I can never turn off my cell phone again.

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