Wednesday, August 27, 2008

scenes from the SA-lon

SA-lon. Remember those Vidal Sassoon commercials from the '80s, where they would talk about SA-lon quality hair and SA-lon quality products. I always thought they were so silly. Now look at me! A total SA-lon addict.

Got my roots done at Escape yesterday. Here are some scenes from the crime...

Pre-blonding. My roots were pretty bad...

The fabulous Jason mixing up the stuff he uses to make me blonde. Here he's saying, "Kitty, let me enlighten you."

Look at all those foils; sweet jesus is this time consuming. It takes Jason about an hour to paint bleach on my roots and wrap it up into little tiny foil wrappers. Then I have to "cook" for 20 minutes or more.

Jason explained to me yesterday that he's very conservative with the color, which is why it takes so long. He uses the least amount of bleach he could possibly need to get my hair nice n' light, then lets the magic happen slowly. A lesser stylist might paint on some really crazy high-potency shit and leave it on for a shorter amount of time. His method keeps my hair healthier in the long run. As healthy as one's hair can be after bleaching it, dying it black, and bleaching it again.

Et voila! Roots are gone, looking good as new!


Anonymous said...

bona fide aw-sum.



Anonymous said...

That's like the "Jaguar" thing from the car commercials.

Noemie said...

your roots look...blonde.