Monday, August 11, 2008

Restaurant Week Day 2: Part V

I am going through some of my charge slips at the end of the night, looking closely at the number of people in each party and at total cost of each bill. Most parties of 2 hover somewhere around $75 - 90 per check, not unlike our usual check average, and several of my parties of 4 are well over the $200 mark. And all of this is before tip.

Wait a minute...this is exactly like a normal night at Toro. And for even bigger parties, the checks seem to be way, WAY bigger than usual. Instead of ordering one pitcher of sangria and 8 orders of corn for 8 people (which would total $70), all members of these parties are forced spend $33.08 each (totaling $264.64 pre-tax, without any drinks included.)

Looks like RW isn't a deal after all at Toro: many people spend more under the illusion that they are spending less.

And I will laugh all the way to the bank. : )


Unknown said...

the expression is " cried all the way to the bank" from Liberace's cynical response to critics in the daily mirror on sept 26 1956. leave it to a blond to miss the point of the quote ;)

Kitty said...

Interesting point. I'm pretty sure I'm winning either way.