Monday, August 11, 2008

Restaurant Week Day 2: Part II

I have just taken the entire food order for Table 48. "Great, can I get any of you another drink at the moment? Or anything else?"

"No, but I do have a question," one of the guests says, "And I'm only asking this for her," she says pointing across the table at her friend. "How do you get your hair like that? Do you do something to it? Or is it just naturally curly?

I am tickled. "Heaven's, no! My hair has been bleached so much it has like negative curl. All of this and more can be yours with the right tools and a ton of product. I use a roller set," I say, and launch into a lengthy explanation of how I styled my hair this morning, curling it around the rollers, wrapping it in a scarf like an old lady, letting it set for hours while I write and work on my PR stufff. The women look on in rapt attention.

Apparently my hair-do is exactly what the shy friend wants her wedding hair to look like. She has gorgeous delicate bone structure and is going to look exactly like Grace Kelly all curled up like this, I can just tell.

These people are cool. Maybe Restaurant Week ain't so bad.


Anonymous said...

You should dye your hair purple and forget about the blonde thing-

Kitty said...

Thanks for the tip! Already did that, I'm afraid. That was my junior year of high school experiment.