Wednesday, April 09, 2008

how was your night?

A rogue piece of rice from the paella I was wrapping up for Table 48 somehow found it's way all the way down my shirt.

Table 51 suggested that I lick their plates clean for them when I asked if they were ready for me to clear. "We wouldn't blame you if you did -- everything was delicious," they assured me. (My response: Thanks...I think I'm all set.)

And table 52 order two rounds of single malt shots? Because I guess THATs what the kids are up to these days...

Just the tip of the iceberg on my night. How 'bout yourself?


b.kiddo said...

I went to Camb(Cantab), reminded me why it's annoying.

twg said...

Scotch as a shot. Huh.

What will these kids think of next, right?