Tuesday, December 18, 2007

new year's resolutions

Like any self-critical, forward thinking, slightly compulsive Virgo, I have already mentally zoomed through the glorious excess of the holiday season, directly to the contrite, slightly embarrassed period where one makes New Year's Resolutions. That's right, as my body is still in the throes of the holidays, with their days full of socializing, drinking, merrymaking, and endless eating of sweets, my mind has already fast forwarded to the part where I vow that in 2008, none of this tomfoolery will be permitted to happen.

I'm sure that by the time the first and second and third day of the New Year have actually arrived, I'll feel very differently about these "goals." But as of right now, with 2007 basically over and no time for me to make good on these To-Do list items before the Times' Square Ball drops, I'm all about conceptualizing resolutions. And I will share them with you here. By the time '08 rolls around, I'm certain I'll have pages of resolutions to work with, divided into categories, and color coded with specific deadlines attached to each. That's the Virgo in me.

But in the meantime, here are a few that I've brainstormed so far:

Resolution #1: I will join a gym. Since I no longer burn 1000 calories a night 3 x a week running laps at Toro, and I can no longer run laps around the South End for fear of slipping on a patch of icy sidewalk and breaking my neck, it's time I rearranged my schedule to accommodate gym membership. I wish it was still the '80s and I could buy outfits like this to psych myself up about this resolution.

Resolution #2: I will try to learn how to accept my body for what it is, a.k.a. not want to stick my head in the oven Sylvia Plath style every time I choose to order a burger instead of salad at lunch.

Resolution #3:
Start seeing a therapist again, so as to better get my head around the contradictory initiatives that are at work in Resolutions #1 and #2.

Resolution #4: Get better at remembering people's names. I am terrible at this. And it sucks. I am a publicist and more importantly than that, I am a kind person who is very interested in the people that I meet. My brain is just not so interested in learning their names at first, I don't know why.

I partially blame the naming gene pool for this, with it's incestuous lack of variety. At this point, I know 3 Jasons, all of whom happen to be bald, a boatload of Kates, and enough Matts to build a sizeable tower for the Princess & the Pea. So much name cross-over makes them begin to overlap.

In any event, I need to become better at remembering all names, all of the time, if only out of politesse. In high school nobody could ever remember my name, mostly I'm sure because I made a meek and shy first impression. I always pretended that I didn't care when people I liked and respected forgot my name--"Oh, it's fine," I'd say, "Nobody ever remembers my name." But in my memory, that phrase sounds sad and a little pathetic. And I that's not how I want to make other people feel. I implore anyone who has a helpful mnemonic for name-remembering to leave a comment or email me. I need you!

More resolutions to follow.

What are your resolutions?


Anonymous said...

Can I recommend the gym under Club Café? It's currently under renovation, but they're doing cool things with the space, and when I joined up, the prices were pretty reasonable (for the area, of course). Don't know if that's still the case, but it's the only gym I've ever been to where I don't get hit on, so I love it.

JustTooEasy said...

I watched a guy demonstrate perfect recall of the names of 100 people he just met. This was on Johnny Carson, and he talked to each one for just a minute or less. But on the show, with no camera tricks, they all stood up and he introduced them all to the studio audience, by name. Impressive.

He wrote a book, but he told everyone his secret as he did this show. He SAW something about each person that reminded him of their name, visually. As he introduced each person, he described what he saw and how it was visually associated with their name. I remember "Tropiano" most of all. She was a girl with very cute deep dimples. He said, "Imagine her THROWING pianos with those dimples.... TROPIANO!" I've never forgotten her name.