Monday, November 19, 2007

soup II

Dear Soup,

First I dreamed about you.

Then, I dreamed about you again.

Then I made you, after having several glasses of wine at a work thing with my boss. I chopped the leeks into manageable bits. I sauteed them. I added carrots--grated carrots, which required much elbow grease-- and butternut squash bits. And cooked you down in a low-sodium vegetable both bath for 25 minutes until tender.

Then, during step five of the soup recipe, it was time to blend you. And I melted part of my blender while trying to puree you. And was left with half a vat of useless, plastic-filled soup and a broken blender.

Thanks for nothing, soup.

Get out of my dreams and get out of my life.

It's solid foods for me, from here on in.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAAhahahaa! That's hilarious! No, I mean, not about your blender, of course. I mean, ahem, sorry about your blender, but the story is damn funny.

I'm Kate said...

So funny. I'm laughing out loud to myself, probably attracting unwanted attention.

And I'm glad you found my blog! Cheers to getting out of hell! ;-)