Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'll never get over that reaction...

"Oh my god! You make an amazing blonde!!!" Aly says.

"What? Oh, thank you," I say. What does she mean and why does she sound so surprised? I've been blonde since June, I think. And, before that, I was blonde for like 2 years. Uh, okay.

"Seriously, if you told me you were dying your hair blonde last time I saw you, I'd say, no way!"

Ohhh, right. Last time I saw her was last spring. A really long time ago.

"But you're like a Marilyn Monroe blonde! Totally gorgeous! I barely even recognized you. No one told me that you dyed your hair!"

"Oh, thank you so much!!! You're so sweet," I say. Alyson continues to go on about my hair for a minute, and I'm so flattered that I even begin feel a little embarrassed.

I realize as we're chatting away: it is so rare for me to talk about my hair with people who aren't familiar with this project. I talk about it so much, think about it even more, and worry about it whenever I'm not working on it. But right now, sitting in the car with this very sweet girl who I barely know, it's nice to just try to accept her compliments as gracefully as I can, and let the hair talk end there. And her reaction, so honest & blunt and truthfully surprised by how different I look, it just makes me feel that much more validated: yes, I am totally different as a blonde.

Why not write a book on that?

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