Thursday, November 01, 2007

removing oneself from her body issues

I participated in a photo shoot for the Boston Chapter of LUPEC this Tuesday! Somehow we convinced this awesome photographer, Matt Demers, to photograph us. We are going to make the fruits of his labor into a calendar. I hope to be Ms. September. My images haven't been posted yet, but Matt was kind enough to send us one group shot right away.

Actually, Matt is working on a series of photos inspired by this very famous image of Louise Brooks.
He started by shooting some of the most powerful female figures in his life (his mom, a few close female friends), and now the project has spread and grown to incorporate...the ladies of LUPEC BOSTON!!!!

One interesting theme that Matt has discovered: As his subjects realize that their black outfit against a black backdrop obscures the nuances of their body shape, they become liberated from their own body consciousness, and less inhibited by the nit-picking, unrealistic beauty ideals that they confront on a daily basis. This was abundantly true in my experience. Plus, being a model for 20 minutes was fun!!!

More pictures when they're ready...

Also, Happy NaBloPoMo! This is my very first official post, hope I can keep up!

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