Friday, November 09, 2007

sometimes in life, you fall down

A work dinner. I am presenting myself as an author for the first time. I am presenting myself and my book and my project to a room of seasoned professionals for the very first time.

I am nervous.

I excuse myself to use the ladies. 'It's out the door and to the right, then go directly to your left and it's right there.' Sure, no problem. I slip around the other diners & their chairs & the din & chatter, move towards the tall doors to the hallway, step out the door and...

I fall down.


I don't remember stepping up to get into this room, but oops! There's the floor! Guess I missed that crucial step down.

Fortunately, the only people who saw believe me when I tell them "I'm okay, there's nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see." Nobody makes a big fuss. Perhaps they think I am so young and green, I will bounce.

Oh well, I think. It's cool. Sure, I feel embarrassed, but nobody seemed to notice, and if they did, who cares?

Sometimes in life you fall down.

Especially when you're trying new things.

Especially when you're trying new things in heels.


Anonymous said...

Uhm... that sounds like something I would do...

Anonymous said...

You're not alone... thankfully my experience did not involve a job interview! However, as I stepped up from the table and made my way to the restroom, I took one step in my smooth sole, high heel sandals and did not get any traction against the equally smooth laminate wood floor of the restaurant. My step just kept going long after I intended it to. I struggled to keep my balance for a few seconds teetering back and forth in semi-spilts until I ultimately lost my balance and fell forward only to catch myself with my hands. For a moment I tried to calculate a graceful recovery but realized with my derriere pointed to the sky, as if demonstraing the downward dog position for a yoga class, graceful exited the restaurant as soon as I showed up. I quickly pulled myself together and made a beeline for the sanctuary of the bathroom. Luckily for me, I'm can laugh at clumsiness!

Katie said...

definitely, absolutely not alone in such gaffes.

It's how you handle it that determines how the story will be remembered, and it sounds like you did just fine.