Saturday, November 10, 2007

blondes unite in face of crazy anti-blonde blog-stalker

Remember the crazy blog stalker from this post?

I was just browsing around on one of my new fave blondie-sites, Ask the Blondes, and it looks like she struck there, too. As a way of showcasing my blonde-solidarity, I thought I'd share how these smart blondes handled it with my readers. You can check it out here.

Or, if blood-boiling blog wars aren't really your speed today, you can simply enjoy this picture of the patron saint of all misunderstood blonde beauties.

Doesn't she look excited to be holding all that bling?

Happy Saturday!!!


Ems said...

Imagine if she'd been a blonde with naturally curly hair...

She scares me!

Anonymous said...

what a psycho!