Monday, September 22, 2008

stoner Sunday

Table 60 is acting funny. They kept giggling while I was trying to take their drink order. Or maybe it's me. It's hard to tell. I was pretty exuberant when I initially approached the table to greet them, but there's no one else in my section and I'm bored! I have nothing else to do but dote on them. So dote I will.

I return to the table with their sangria and as I pour it into two glasses, ask: "Do you guys have any questions about the menu?"

"No," the girl says. "I don't think so." Across the table, the guy is snickering under his breath. She glares at him. Then she giggles, too.

"Cool! Are you guys ready to order, then?"

"No," the guy says. Now the girl is giggling under her breath. He just looks at her blankly, then looks up at me and says: "I need to tell you something. We're really stoned right now."

"Fabulous," I say. "What better way to spend a Sunday."

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Anonymous said...

I had a buy come in on 4/20 to my restaurant and placed a to go order. He looked at me said said "I'm sooooo high". What makes people think waitresses care???