Monday, September 08, 2008

BLONDE DISPATCHES: Are You a True Blonde?

by Leese Elder

If I got a dime each time someone asked me that question, I think I would be rich by now. This irritating question came in many forms but, I think the one that bothered me the most is when someone asked, “do the curtains match the drapes?” Can you get any more intrusive? I mean who cares anyway? You never hear someone going around asking “are you a natural brunette?”

I have been a blonde since birth. God seemed to bless me with a head full of platinum white curls that attracted much unwanted attention growing up. In elementary it seemed like a curse, more than a blessing. I was so blonde that a kid actually had the nerve to point and, say, “she’s an albino!” Needless to say, I was pretty self conscious about it. But, my mother would always say, “Do you know how much women spend on their hair to be that color?” I would say, “How much?” “I would be glad to take the cash!”

Throughout junior high and, high school, my hair took over my image. I was the blonde bombshell with a chest to match. Everyone insisted that I bleached my hair. I still didn’t like the unwanted attention; I was shy to say the least. But, I started to notice that I turned heads that I did not necessarily want to turn. “Proxy Locks and, electric hips,” is what one of my boyfriend’s moms nicknamed me. I even went to some great lengths at the salon to foil some brown into my hair. I didn’t turn out like I thought it would. I looked like I had a grey wig on!

Being blonde throughout my adolescence was a heavy burden for me to carry. But, now that I have embraced it, I wouldn’t have it any other way. So, when people ask me that redundant question, “Are you a true blonde or not?” I reluctantly turn and say, “The curtains match the drapes.”

By, Leese Elder

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Kitty said...

Leese, you're one of several natural blondes I've interviewed here who get the "curtains matching the drapes" query all the time! I absolutely agree it's one of the most invasive questions you could ask a person. I'm puzzling over what makes people feel so entitled that they could ask a person that?

Liisa said...

First off, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share my story! I am not sure what makes someone feel they are entitled to ask that question. I would like to know why myself. Do you think it may come from the old stereo type of the dumb blonde? "Well she's blonde so, I have the right to ask this rude question?" Maybe you could run a Poll or something asking about it!
Again, I am privileged to part of the Blonde Dispatches Addition!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, when I was (naturally and, to varying degrees, unnaturally) blonde no one ever asked me if it was real. Since going red, I am bombarded with "ohmygod is that your real haircolor"s everywhere I go, though thankfully it has not yet involved the word "firecrotch". It's mostly women who ask - is there a gender bias to the blonde question as well?

Anonymous said...

Hmm..I frequently get the "does the carpet match the drapes?"

Aren't curtains and drapes pretty much the same thing?

Kitty said...

Exactly!!! I remain mystified...