Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the search for the BEST blonde products: MARILYN by Lush

Happy September, everybody!

I have a few new features in store for you all this month, in honor of the new season. Today I'd like to introduce the first: my quest for the BEST blonde products on the market. (Blonde product publicists, take note!)

I'm way too chicken to attempt coloring my hair on my own without Jason's expert hands, so unless I can find a blonde correspondent to brave the home hair care aisle and report back, you won't find data on home coloring products here.

You will find data on my experiences with products that claim they will make your blondeness blonder, such as Marilyn hair treatment, by LUSH, which my fellow LUPEC member, Fancy Brandy turned me on to. I'll use it for the month and report back periodically with results.

Here's what the LUSH company website says about the product:

Marilyn Hair Treatment Hair Moisturizer
Moisturizing treatment to soften and brighten blonde hair

Chamomile, lemon and saffron brighten blonde hair. Use it regularly and get fairer hair. Linseed mucilage results in softer tresses and fresh, organic lemon juice adds a ton of shine. If you always wanted to be a "natural" blonde, here's how to go about it.

7.9 oz costs $18.55.

Alright, LUSH. I can tell you right now that I am highly skeptical that this little hair mask thing will actually make me a "natural blonde." Only a proper genetic pairing can do that. That said, if Marilyn can keep my hair nice and bright blonde, and can keep that weird brassiness that starts to set in after a few weeks at bay, I'm game. Clever marketing technique, by the way. I'll buy anything labeled Marilyn, hair product, dress, purse, what have you.

Check back for updates! And if anyone out there in blog land has actually tried the stuff, please leave a comment about your experiences below.


Anonymous said...

I'm a natural blonde, who ventured into the many shades a red more than a few times. When I decided to go back to my roots, I didnt want to dye it so I let it fade and grow out. From what did not fade from my long hair left a brassy dirty blonde look. My stylist recommended Blue Malva Color Conditioner by Aveda which neutralizes brassy tones. I have found it to be fantastic. My hair is as bright and blonde as the day I was born! It also leaves my hair extremely soft and shiny. I love it. I have yet to try the shampoo to go with it though. I think you should try it if you have problems with those brassy tones, even with dyed hair.


Kitty said...

Thanks SO much for the tip! I'll definitely try this out.