Monday, September 08, 2008

Introducing...Blonde Correspondents

Lately I've been scheming up ways to make UNDERCOVER BLONDE more interactive, and I'm thrilled to be launching a new feature today, BLONDE DISPATCHES.

BLONDE DISPATCHES will be guest posts written by other women on blondeness, tackling this tenet of the American female beauty myth from various angles. (In other words, writers wanted! And you don't need to be blonde. I'm interested in hearing thoughts on the topic from all sides.) I'm excited to be engaging new voices in this project and hope it will trigger dialogue (albeit cyber) about beauty ideals, self-image, stereotyping, and, in broader strokes, what its like to be a woman in America today.

What follows is a the premiere post from our very first blonde correspondent, Leese.


Anonymous said...

what a great idea! do honey (dishwater) blondes count?

Kitty said...

Sure they do! If you're interested in guest posting or commenting on your experience, drop me a note!

Thanks for stopping by!