Sunday, January 06, 2008

the sadness of roots

I woke up today thinking about my roots, and I realized--they make me feel kinda sad. Here's the pattern I have identified over the course of my blonde-hair-self-image research:

Book hair appointment, Jason abolishes my roots. I walk out of salon feeling beautiful, rejuvenated, revived. People comment on how pretty I look. Traffic stops, I feel movie-star glam.

A few days later I wash my hair (I only need to do this twice a week since my hair is so dry & my skin is the opposite of oily), blow dry it myself for the first time. Doesn't ever look quite as good as it did when Jason did it, but still falls into place beautifully--and bright blonde.

About a week later: Hair doesn't look quite as wonderful as it did right when I left the salon, but still lookin' good. Can see the first hint of roots...oh no you can't...oh yes you can...who cares? Jason is so good, they look natural when they grow in.

About three weeks after first appointment: blonde highlights start to look more yellow. Hair starts to seem less healthy, drier, no matter how much I condition .

Four weeks later: I wake up one day and discover that suddenly overnight my roots have become noticeable. My hair looks kinda dirty, despite the fact that I just washed it yesterday. I feel depressed.

*sigh* It certainly is an addictive habit.


Anonymous said...

Yep! You described it perfectly. After a mere 4 months of being blonde, it wore me out. I just couldn't hack it.

massmarrier said...

I laugh an old man's laugh in your direction. I was born blond and still am, at least the tonsure and eyebrows.I remember in my teens as a lifeguard getting accused of bleaching my very yellow hair.

You can laugh in my direction now. I have very little hair left. What's here looks pretty much like yellow cotton candy.

I'm pretty sure you'd rather fret with visible roots than a visible scalp.