Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ring Redux

I was pretty much beside myself with excitement when I finally got home last night after a long slow waitressing shift at Toro and found the check for my engagement ring in my mailbox. I almost tore it right open in the foyer.

I can't believe it, I thought as I climbed up the stairs towards my fourth floor walk-up. After holding on to that damn thing for 3+ years, I'm finally free of it - and richer for it! Whatever will I do with the money?

Then, as I rounded the corner between flights 2 and 3, a more rational voice inside my head reminded me: No matter how much they offer you for the ring, it will never feel like enough.

I shrugged off my coat and threw my bag and apron on the floor when I reached the top floor, bracing for the possibilities as I tore the envelope open. But no amount of practical reasoning could have prepared me for what I found:

A check made out to me in the amount of $120.44.

That's not even enough to pay my damn cell phone bill.

While I didn't expect to be magically rich from the sale of my engagement ring setting, I know the damn thing appraised for ten times as much when it given to me back in 2002. I have no idea how jewelry sales works, if these things tend to appreciate or depreciate in value. But I know I can't sell it for $120.44. I not that desperate for money. And I am definitely too proud.

Now I have to call Customer Service and ask them to send the damn thing back to me. And think of something else to do with this vestige of my former life.

Boo jewelry site.

Boo old engagement ring.

Boo trying to place monetary value on sentimental things.


Pete G said...

Oy! A minor setback. I wish I had some advice, but I am not well versed in the secondary market for engagement ring settings.

Perhaps ebay?

If you don't have any luck, perhaps you might consider Goodwill? Might be good karma to just donate the frakkin' thing and be done with it. (I know - easier said than done in this economy).

Me said...

What site did you use? Please don't say ""...

Kitty said...

Ugh, I know! The site is and I first read about it in Daily Candy, which I consider a very credible source.

I guess they don't count the diamond chips encrusted in the sides for anything, just the platinum used in the band. Pffht. Whatever. I know similar rings retail for at least $1K. Then again, perhaps a tenth of the original value is all the damn thing is worth after being tarnished by our failed relationship.

Anonymous said...

If you like the ring that much, just get it reset with a nice gem stone. It would probably nice. It doesn't have to symbolize a failed relationship if you don't want it to. Sometimes, I think symbolic gestures are the stuff of Hollywood and are overrated anyway.

Also, I meant to comment on your book thing a while ago. Sorry that didn't work out. I've had that kind of disappointment before. I kind of think most people have too. With my supposed bust (not getting in a published paper to a conference), I refocused on other things, and kept that in the back of my mind to do at some point in the next couple decades.

Anonymous said...

laura said...

You did better than me, I got a little over a hundred for my very nice wedding and engagement rings. Jewelry is just about the worst investment a person can make and no one ever gets true value for it. A friend of mine's dad was a jeweler and I nearly died when she told me how high the mark up is. Outrageous!

Ares said...

yeah.....definately wipe ur butt with that check. Im sure you could put an ad out for it tho. Get something decent out of it.