Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pink Lady

I made my small screen debut this week, demoing my signature LUPEC cocktail! Check it out here:

There's also a short bio of me here:

Note how, when pressed, I reluctantly admit to having once swilled cosmos like it was my job. I can't believe I said that - what will all the cocktail nerds of the world think?

Cin cin!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Grats on your debut. Are egg whites commonly used in making cocktails? I found that interesting.

Austin Eavesdropper said...


A) You look so beautiful in these videos,

B) I am dying now to start LUPEC Austin!!

With your permission, could I post one of these videos on my blog, and put a call out to others who would like to start our very own LUPEC chapter? (If not, it's totally cool!! And if there are certain LUPEC bylaws I need to read / immerse myself in before hauling off and starting a remote branch, I get that too!)

Anyway, bottom line - love love love this, so much that I'm inspired to start a second branch of LUPEC down south. :)


mary said...

Do the uncooked egg whites put you at risk for salmonella?

Kitty said...

Thanks, guys!

Egg whites were a more common mixer in pre-Prohibition drinks, but that fell out of favor a bit when people started getting skittish about industrially farmed eggs and salmonella epidemics. For a time, people made the pink lady with cream instead!

Salmonella was transmitted through the shells, not the yolks or whites, so no, you won't get it from the raw ingredients. It's always smart to use the freshest eggs possible, and I like locally raised ones. Make sure you rinse the shells and you should be fine!