Thursday, October 30, 2008

there I am... the changing photo box, right after the pic of Tom Hanks!

Click here for the full story. Waitstaff everywhere, raise a glass!


Anonymous said...

I loved this article. I even linked to it and wrote about it in my blog today. People's views need to change about restaurant workers. We're just people with a job that are trying to get by too. Just because we're serving them doesn't make us a lesser person. It's an easy job, but it's the customers you work for that make it hard. I'll definitely raise a glass in both hands!

Anonymous said...

The MSN link is where I found your blog today...and I must say that I find your views refreshing and very real. I like that. :)

I've always treated the waiters and waitresses with the utmost repect because I can only imagine all the mess they have to put up with all the time. And now, because of some of the stuff I've read on your blog, I'm going to try to treat them even better.

And I may have missed this, but have you finished your book?

mamakrista said...

i know! this is how i found your website! i've been out of waitressing since i was 3 months pregnant with my daughter (i couldn't take it anymore) but i remember it like it was yesterday. and you know whats funny? i kinda miss it sometimes. its like "use me and abuse me" but it can be a fun job. thanks for writing your experiences!

Anonymous said...

MSN helped me find you! Its nice to see that I wasn't the only one living in a case study when I was running drinks, bussing tables, and dealing with D-Bags!

Want to cross link?

east side girl said...

Very cool, Kitty. Congratulations!

Kitty said...

Sure, dubyabejay!

Thanks, ESG! I so totally miss you!!! xoxoxo