Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Hi ladies, how are you tonight?"

"Hi ladies, how are you this evening," I say as I approach table 46 on a VERY busy Thursday evening. The guest with their back to me turns around to face me and, OOPS! It's a dude.

"Umm...hi...there," I mumble. I'm mortified, but I press on with my speech, as though nothing happened. "Can I bring you a drink to get started?" It's pretty loud in here tonight, maybe they didn't hear me?

In my own defense, the dude's hair is longer than mine. And he is wearing a headband.


mamakrista said...

i'm sure you're not the first person to call this man a lady. open mouth, insert foot. hopefully he wasn't too offended to leave a nice tip. it happens.

Kitty said...

So embarrassing! They did leave a nice tip, though. :)

Mistress Ryan said...

I think I officially love you and your wit. I stumbled into your blog from
and I think I might stay. I got out of the waitressing gig a few years ago but I still remember all the fun times we had ... *choke* ... yeah, almost managed that one with a straight face.
Chin up for a plate up!

Unknown said...

I have done that before: no worries!

Kitty said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mistress Ryan! It's a barrel of laughs, waiting tables is. :)

Phew, Kate, thought I might be the only one. I felt so bad!

Revanche said...

Kitty, I've sir-ma'am-sirred once before. The same person. In my defense: Long hair, androgenous physique, no visible Adam's apple, quite feminine hands, geek convention.

SO embarrassing, and yet his friends (yes, it was a him) allowed that his appearance was questionably ambiguous.

Kitty said...

Too funny, Revanche! I'd love to hear from the boys behind the hair about what this experience is like on their side!