Wednesday, September 06, 2006

mea culpa on my MAJOR mistake, after writing my pathetic, lamenting blog entry last week about how DARK my hair is, Jason came by the restaurant last Friday while I was setting up the patio for my shift.

"Hey gorgeous!" I heard him scream to me from across the street. Then he started to move towards the sidewalk, then the crosswalk, then oh no! He was crossing the street, coming over to the restaurant to say hi to me. SHIT! Having just gone on at length about how DARK and terrible my hair looked, I felt disloyal, like a disobedient child who was about to get busted with her hand in the cookie jar.

On the other hand, I was also dying to ask him when I could come in to get it lightened again.

"How's my beautiful blondie today," he said, approaching me with a big hug and a kiss on each cheek, like the French, all smiles and cheeriness.

I had no choice but to dive right in:

"Jason...we need to talk," I said. I looked desperately into his light blue eyes, then away above his head, then down at the sidewalk, fumbling for the right words. "I just...I think it's too dark. And...I'm kinda freaking out."

"Kitty," he said, his face breaking open into a wide smile, his tone, soothing and sweet, once again like that of my therapist. "Don't be silly. I told you, it's not any darker. Hey Julie! Julie, come over here a sec!" he yelled inside the restaurant to the bartender. "Do you think Kitty's hair looks too dark?"

“No,” says Julie, “I told her the other day, I think it looks pretty.”

“See, Kitty. Not any darker. Oh, hey, there’s my 5 o’clock, gotta run!” And he swooped away, almost as quickly as he came.

As he dashed across the street, he turned around to yell back at me: “You know, it’s going to lighten up the more you wash it!!!”

“It is?” I hollered back, lamely, unconvinced.

“Yes, silly, I told you that last week. Just wash it again, you’ll see.”

“Yeah, right,” I said, my heart sinking as low as the concrete patio floor. And I almost cried. If Jason doesn’t believe me, then what am I to do?

But then you know what happened? Yesterday I washed my hair for the first time in…a while…and it did, in fact look lighter. I caught a glimpse of the sun reflecting off the highlights as I walked by my own reflection in a store window, and smiled. I’m back!

The moral of the story?

Jason is always right.

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Nikki said...

LOL!! I love that someone else understands the Hair Drama. I got mine CUT... now I'm debating whether the blonde will make me look all punk-like or soccer mom-ish. I fear the money that will have to be shelled out to consult and get the RIGHT shade of blonde!

And thanks for the kind words! DEFINITELY get back to Prague - I'll be happy to meet up and show you around!