Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The conversations that ensued when I announced to a few very important people in my life that I had decided I was going to go-for-broke-blonde, get a full process, and thus be as blonde-beautiful as the girl I wrote about in this post:

    JASON's reaction
    Jason is the stylist extraordinaire who got me this blonde in the first place. I run into him outside of Toro, where I am dining, not working, with my brunette girlfriend.
    JASON: Okaaaayyy,'ve been drinking, haven't you?
    ME: Yeah! I've had a lot to drink! We're inside, having dinner. But seriously, I think we need to do a full process next time. What do you say?
    JASON: (nodding his head as you would while affirming for a small, gullible child that there is, in fact, a Santa Claus) Mmm-hmmm...yeah...sure, we'll talk about it next time you come in. You have fun tonight, honey, and try not to drink too much, okay?

    SHANNA'S reaction
    Shanna is the brunette girlfriend that I am dining with at Toro. She is a.k.a. my pretty, petite, publishing industry friend from previous posts and nights of general debauchery. She is standing right beside me as I announce my decision to Jason, and immediately interjects, as any good friend would.
    SHANNA: Can I offer my opinion? I don't think you should that. I mean, seriously. You're blonde, honey. If anything, you might want to consider some lowlights.

    THE MATHEMATICIAN's reaction
    I announced my decision to him the next day, while meandering thru my cute little neighborhood, coffee in my right hand, holding onto his with my left.
    THE MATHEMATICIAN: (heaves a very heavy, audible sigh) Yes. (sounding defeated) Sure. You should do whatever makes you happy.
    ME: long don't think I'll look good, do you?
    THE MATHEMATICIAN: (he stops walking, turns to look me deep in the eye) No. No, I don't.

There you have it folks. As usual, my loved ones are there, ready to talk me down from the ledge as needed.


east side girl said...

So are you going to do it?

Kitty said...

I don't know! See how impressionable I am? I didn't even consider doing it after they all reacted that way until you asked me if I would...

What do you think I should do?