Thursday, June 29, 2006

the blonde in the shirtdress

First I noticed her.

Then I wrote a blog entry about her.

Then I decided I'd rework my entire hair color plan to be like her.

Now it appears that I am trying to actually beher.

Today I am wearing a shirtdress. It has been hanging in my closet for three months. It belongs to Melissa, who lent it to me 4 months ago. I never wore it & never gave it back. It is red.

I have been looking at it longingly since I saw the blonde in the shirtdress exactly one week ago today.

Yesterday I even tried it on. But then, in a fit of PMS body hatred, I took it right off, proclaiming that everything in my closet INCLUDING AND ESPECIALLY THIS DRESS makes me look fat. (I was talking to the Mathematician, but he was still asleep.)

Magically, when I tried the dress on today, it looked okay. (Admittedly, this "magic" of which I speak may have been the fact that I was giving myself a once over in a more forgiving mirror at the Mathematician's house.)

It's a little short, which I didn't realize until I was walking into Emack & Bolio's to get coffee before work. Standing in front of the mirror, the length was deceptively fine. Only when I started actually walking did I realize I was showing a lot of leg. Length aside, though, I think it looks pretty cute.

Who needs a full-process? I think all I needed was a little shirtdress.

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east side girl said...

Yay! Good idea. Just supplement the desire for blondness with clothing. Shopping is more fun, anyway.

Love you!