Saturday, December 13, 2008

in these times of economic downturn, will you sacrifice your looks?

Dubyabejay from A View of The C dropped me a note about this recent post on blondes going darker in this time of economic downturn.

I had a similar conversation with my stylist while in the chair last week. He agreed with the stylist they quote in this piece, who says that people who were "just highlighting for fun" cut color out of their haircare budget altogether. But according to Jason, the blondes still come in and they always will. In his words,

"You're here, aren't you? Are you going to stop coming? Please."

He's right.

Vanity: 1
Kitty: 0

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girlgenius said...

Some faux-blondes (that sounds awful; how about "created blondes?") like myself haven't cut back on color, but are cutting corners on maintenance. I'm making my own toning conditioner instead of using the AG Sterling Silver I was using before. You might like this recipe; mix one teaspoon of Manic Panic UltraViolet dye with one cup of conditioner, apply to wet hair for four to eight minutes, rinse well. It removes brassiness from hair like Shimmerlights, but is a conditioner. That tip isn't mine; it's from a hair colorist's blog;