Thursday, September 20, 2007

dinner with mom & dad

It is Saturday night. My father's birthday has just passed, and we are meeting them for dinner at Toro to celebrate. They are a few minutes late, so we wait for them at the bar, and have a drink. When they do arrive, this is how they greet me:

MOM: Our dear, sweet, beautiful daughter! You're our favorite daughter you know (I am their only daughter.) Oh, honey, you look so pretty tonight. And just look at your hair, it's so pretty and blonde!!!
DAD: Yeah,it looks great, honey! You just look SOOOOOO much better as a blonde!!!!
ME: Gee, dad. Well, that sure is an enthusiastic endorsement. At least I can count on you guys to be honest.
MOM: (backpeddling) Oh. honey, we just mean that when you were a brunette, you didn't look like yourself.
ME; Interesting, because brown is my natural color. As a brunette I essentially was myself.
DAD: Nooo...
MOM: No!!!
DAD: Your hair was almost black! You just looked so pale, so washed out all the time. It looked terrible.
ME: Terrible? You guys...
MOM: It just wasn't you, honey.
DAD: Yeah, not you at all.

Well, I guess we now know who to blame my blonde fixation on.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I just dyed my hair blonde after 3 years of being a brunette/redhead, and was told by my dad that I look better blonde. I was told that before, and brown is my natural color. Spent my life mostly blonde, but now getting near 40 and having a baby I needed to feel, youthful? Whatever LOL.