Monday, March 26, 2007

darker still

I have gone darker & darker still twice since my initial date with the brown bottle.

I first returned just a few weeks after the great deblonding of Dec 29th, 2006 because my locks were starting to look totally peaked as the semi-permanent color Jason so judiciously employed washed out. I couldn't handle it, as this post attests. When I went back again, just two weeks after that, well, that was sort of an accident: I had scheduled a meeting with Jason to discuss the various color stages we'd gone thru over the course of this project, just so I could get some solid details & facts written down, and when I called him that morning to confirm, he informed me that instead of meeting over coffee, we'd meet over color.

So, by now, I'm a brunette twice over. However, it occurred to me the other day while I was scrolling thru my phone that I've taken an absurd amount of pictures of myself over the course of these past four months as a brunette, and have hardly posted any of them for you all to enjoy. So, without further ado, here are the lost brunette archives:

After a few glasses of wine late on Dec 28th, the night before I was scheduled to deblonde. I was freaking when this picture was taken, and also, totally over it with the roots. Look at those roots? Wouldn't you have been, too?

With orange hair, because they had to add "gold" before they added back any brunette color. It was a frightfully long process that took 3 hours to complete. And this looks more like an attempt at strawberry blonde gone wrong to me than "gold", but what do I know.

Looking like sophisticated brunette with Shanna, my brunette idol (the color from the initial deblonding was three weeks old and starting to fade & wash out here. In light of this, I wore it up.

My girlfriends, reacting to my new hair color...they all like it!!!

This is after my first touch up (kinda how my hair looks now.)

Darker still, an experimental shot of the brunette sans make-up taken just the other day.

So there you have it, it's much, much darker than even after the first process. This, however, is the darkest it will go, lest we turn my hair irreparably brown and I have to shave it off to go back to blonde.

More on all of this later, of course, but I thought it was time I stopped being so tight lipped about my brunette color.

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