Monday, May 29, 2006

memorial day blondes

This Memorial Day weekend we threw a 40th Anniversary Party for my parents at my big brother's house in Delaware.

Yes, that's right, I said Delaware. What's in Delaware? I have no idea. Nothing. When they told me they were moving there three years ago, I was completely mystified. Then I went to visit them at their mansion of a first home, which they purchased for far less than the cost of a studio in my neighborhood, and I thought, "hey, Delaware is okay." As far as I'm concerned, there continues to be nothing in Delaware but my brother's house, and that's okay: they're reason enough for a visit.

A ton of people came to the party, most of whom I see once or twice a year at similar barbecue type events that my saint-like sister-in-law, Tara, & middle-oldest brother, Greg, host. I don't really know how it came to pass, but Greg & Tara holding a biannual, everyone's-invited type of festivity has become something of a family tradition in the past 2 years. Somehow, Greg & Tara went from a newlywed, twenty-something, everyone-to-the-bar-we're-doing-shots-at-the-wedding couple, to picture-of-domesticity parents of two, with a big lovely house, two cars, two dogs and a cat. Their babies are beautiful, blue-eyed, tow-headed children. And whereas five years ago, I never could have imagined them hosting large scale family festivities because they seemed more the type to be the cool, older kids in attendance, I now can't imagine a holiday without them, their house, their precious children, their silly bickering, and their hospitality. I am beginning to suspect that they may have crossed over to the land of grown-ups.

Of the many people in attendance, I noticed that several of us have gone blonde or blonder since the last time I saw them. How interesting...they are:

  • My other sister-in-law, Mariola, who I haven't seen since the last family party at Thanksgiving. She has always had long, light brown hair, often with highlights, sometimes blonder than others. This time she seemed really blonde. She looked lovely, and young, and it made her sparkly blue eyes pop.
  • My sister-in-law's brother's wife. Last time I saw her I was engaged, and I think they were still just dating at that point. In any case, since the last tiem i saw them, I broke offmy engagement, and they apparently got their engagement, and their marriage, on. I assume that Tara did her sisterly duty and informed her brother & his now-blonde wife of my marriage status. Still, I didn't really know what to say to them when they asked "what's new with you?" Last time I saw her, she was a straight-up brunette--didn't even have highlights or anything. This time, she looked as though she may even be one of those full-process blondes. She looked ethereal and pretty.
  • My Aunt JoAnne, who I idolize, who wears gold like Carmella Soprano, and who has always been blonde in a Carmella kinda way. She now appears to be that light version of blonde that you become when you want to cover up your grey. She looked as beautiful and put together as ever.
  • Myself.

  • All tolled, that's a lot of blonding. And that does not account for people like Tara, or her best friend Sue, who was also in attendance with her four gorgeous, honey-haired children, who admittedly highlight their hair as needed.

    From a distance, we looked quite the much processed, blonde bunch.

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