Friday, March 17, 2006

what's wrong with America

(My car is in the middle.)

At first I was tentative about parking my little car between these two monstrousities. I drove right past them when I pulled into the parking lot this morning, looking for a kinder, gentler resting place for my little corolla.

Then I decided, what the hell? Why should I let these cars intimidate my car? Why should I let these people push me around? There is nothing right about driving a car that big, and everything right about driving my little gas efficient Corolla. There's a gaping hole in the ozone layer, people, hello!

So I back my car all the way up the lengh of the parking lot, and slid her right between these two behemoths.

I find even a speck of yellow paint on the passenger's side door when I go out for lunch today, I will key that monster H2, post-haste.

Oh, and since you probably can't see it in the picture, the Hummer's license plate reads:


For those of you who couldn't really tell if the car is big.

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