Tuesday, February 28, 2006

i talk like a sailor

Originally uploaded by Will Hasenplaugh.
It's true, I have a terrible mouth. You wouldn't think I would from the likes of this picture, which is fairly representative of how I present.

I smile a lot. I'm very nice to strangers. And animals. And chidren.

But generally, I swear like it's my job.

Sometimes I feel badly about this. While on the way to work today, for example, I found myself having horrible thoughts about the people in front of me. At seemingly every turn, I was blocked by an old person going VERY slowly in the fast lane. I found myself seething with frustration, thinking horrible, mean, inexcuseable things about them, passing them angrily and veering dangerously close to their cars as I did so, so they could observe my hateful glare.

I came this close to giving the finger to at least 3 unsuspecting old people today. I mean, who does that? That could have been your grandma.

Generally, though, I like the fact that I swear a lot. People don't expect it. Especially when you are wearing your hair back in a pink polka dotted headband and smiling like a little angel, people don't expect you to say things like "who's a girl gotta blow to get a drink around here?"

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